Golden standards

People today, live longer by comparison to any other period in history. The average life expectancy of 75 years in the past century, today has risen to 85 years, and is postulated to rise to 102 by the year 2050. This overall increase of approximately 20%, is attributed to an average gain in longevity of 2 years for every decade in the past 50 years!


How can we therefore ensure we remain healthy, strong and beautiful as we age?


omorfa1It's simple; We need to focus on the interaction of basic influences, beginning with our dental health. As you already know, our dental health is directly connected with our general well being. The same applies for our dietary habits. Both of these factors determine our health and longevity. Without a doubt, we all, naturally, desire to retain our youthful appearance and natural aesthetics as long as possible.

Following the guidelines of the golden standards, in dentistry, we can provide ideal aesthetic solutions. Golden proportions, golden rule or golden standards have been used to build the Parthenon and Pyramid of Giza, and similarly, the ideal human proportions can be recreated on the same principle too. They rely on unique proportions, which combine to produce 'the' ideal, durable and aesthetic outcome.


Even the nicest smile may undergo some minor alterations over time. When seen in the bathroom mirror these changes are often missed, and only become apparent when viewed on a selfie. This is because we see ourselves the way others see us! Fortunately, with the aid of current technology in dentistry,problems relating to our smile and facial expression,can often be easy resolved.


At Cresta Dental Care, with over 30 years experience in preventive dental aesthetic care, we can discuss your concerns and suggest appropriate solutions. You can then choose the treatment that best suits you, based on your individual needs or requirements and time you will need to complete it.