Practice Philosophy

1Cresta Dental Care was founded in 1987 with a view to increase patient awareness on the immense benefits of dental prevention as a means of preserving natural tooth aesthetics.

Our approach is based on a customised, holistic approach for each patient, with the intention of providing excellent hygiene and state of art aesthetics, using the most up-to-date methods.

Treatments are designed to suit each age group in accordance with the risk factors prevalent in each age category.

Preventive dental care

2As a general approach we treat patients in six age related categories and treatments are customized in accordance with the risk management of each age group:

1. 0-6, Primary dentition
2. 6-13, Mixed dentition
3. 14-30, Earlyadult dentition
4. 31-45, Mid adult dentition
5. 46-60, Mature adult dentition
6. 60+, Elderlydentition


We further individualize the treatment to our patients needs, depending on the patient's general condition. Special attention is given to systemic conditions or drug related oral manifestations, where additional care is required during treatment.

Prevention is most effective when initiated early, in categories 1and 2 while systematic prevention has proved equally significant in categories 5 and 6.

We routinely use magnifying aids, such as loupes and the dental microscope, facilitating diagnostic acuity while ensuring greater therapeutic efficacy, often minimizing the need for radiographs.

All patients are routinely screened for oral cancer.



Aesthetic treatments

5We choose biomimetic materials aiming to provide long lasting, natural results. The choice of aesthetic treatment follows a similar principle of age suitability in combination with a minimally invasive approach. As an indication, where bleaching may be an ideal choice for the early and mid adult dentition, direct (hand made or prefabricated) veneers or indirect (lab customised) porcelain veneers may prove the treatment of choice for aesthetic improvement in the mature dentition. In this way we overcome enamel resistance to bleaching due to wear while at the same time we can reinforce and protect worn or damaged teeth.






After care follow up

We give great emphasis on after care follow up to ensure that the well planned outcome achieved at the end of our treatment is also long lasting.



Updating our services

We update and re-evaluate our services constantly and collaborate with colleagues of other dental specialties in providing the best possible care to our patients.


We are here to take good care of you!!!