Katerina Trapellidi

ΚΤDentist’s assistant

Katerina Trapellidi was born in London but grew up in Greece when her family moved to Athens at a young age.

She joined Cresta Dental Care in 2010 as a receptionist. She is an individual with natural flair in PR, and was quickly promoted to managing individualise patients’ needs relating to appointment planning and after treatment follow up care.

Her remarkable communication skills enabled her to undertake the position of practice manager liaising with suppliers and dental laboratories for the smoother running of the practice.

Education and past work experience

After graduating from Secondary School, she pursued undergraduate Theatrical Studies at the University of Patras. She is involved in both amateur as well as professional acting and has working experience in the commercial field, in costumer care.

Hobbies and interests.

She teaches English to school children, studies graphic design and paints. She has a strong affinity to water sports, a former member of a water polo team and continues to participate in open sea swimming races.


Native British, Fluent Greek and basic Dutch.